There are lot of days I used to bunk my classes and watch Cricket in early 1990’s. Cricket means Sachin and thats all we know. MRF means Sachin and none of them in the world used to have MRF bat  There are lot of matches he won single handed. Who can forget the 1998 Coca cola Cup, 2000 Aussie Series, 1996 World Cup and many more. Sachin is the only cricketer who is respected and honored in most of the countries.

Initially it was Sachin who carried the spirit all alone that India can perform well. Later he was well supported by Dada,Dravid, Srinath and few more. Definitely 2011 world cup is not all possible without these legends. 

I don’t like Sachin but i don’t hate him. Being DADA fan, I loved watching Sachin’s inns. Now it’s time for him to say Good Bye to cricket and Hi to Parliament _/\_