Memories - 2013...

2014 – Yet another new year day in my life. I’m 28 years & 6 months old now. Till 2012, I’ve been leaving with my Parents, Brothers and all my family members. 2013 is the year where I’ve learnt many things in my life both Personal as well as Professional.

For the last one year or more than that, I’m leaving all alone in a Tier 2 city. Madurai – What to say! Such a nice place to live a calm and peaceful life. Lot of helpful people around here compared to Chennai.

Staying alone made me Strong, Competent and Powerful. It gave me freedom to open up myself in taking up decisions without any interferance from others. Initially it was bit tough when it comes to food, medicines and other stuffs but people around here helped me a lot and they helped me in various aspects.

I’m more of a talkative person and since I’m leaving alone, I need to keep myself engaged all the time because I don’t have anyone to speak with me. Cleaning my home, Washing clothes, Spending lot of time in balcony became my hobbies 🙂

I started focusing more on Photography and started taking pictures in different angles & shots. It defiinitely gave me a peace of mind and whenever I start taking pictures it switch my mind to a Relax mode. There are the things which I never did it when I was in my home town.

Before this I was playing video games, watching tv and so on but it never gave me a relax feeling.

To be continued…