Who am I?

I hope you all know me very well. If not, I’m Shiva and I’m part of Business Analyst team.

How I joined Hakunamatata?

After a career changing decision, where I left Cogzidel Technologies back in Oct 2014, I got an opportunity to work in HM. I always love to work in growing company because they treat and value talent! Growth and opportunities can be found only here.

I’m a person who loves to grow both personally and professionally. Growth I meant is not related to your position or the designation you hold. Growth is how you gain knowledge or increasing your standard each and every day.

How was my journey so far?

It took couple of months for me to settle down and get to know the people & process followed in HM. My first project Habit recode it did taught me various factors a project can hold. I did mistakes and learnt many things from it.

Then comes Inwite, a complete different experience which I never had before in my career. Face to face discussion with the client in KL at their place. Wow! It was challenging and I loved it. It was a great experience and an opportunity for me to work with Lee. He is tough but he taught me how to see the product from the third dimension view. I would definitely say that this trip increased my skills. Unfortunately the project didn’t turn up, it happens at times.

From there till now, each & every project which I’ve handled helped me to grow forward. I would like to take this opportunity to thanks all the people who worked in my project and special thanks for all people who taught me technical stuffs!

My future road path?

I don’t define my road path because it’s my leader job and I hope he define a good one for me.

Message to all!

For people who start their career always look forward for knowledge not for money. Money will follow once you gain knowledge!

Last but not the least, my heart full thanks for all you guys who travelled along with me in the last one year. Let’s strive forward and keep growing together!!