Here we are going to see the list of things which we need to cover in the business requirement analysis. These basic steps will help you to create a good and effective document.

  1. Understand the scope and learn how it is going to create an impact in client’s domain.
  2. Capture all the business/ stakeholders requirements.
  3. Categorize the captured requirements into Functional, Operational, Technical and Transitional.
    • Functional – Here we need to define how the product will function from the end user perspective.
    • Operational – Here we need to define the operations that will be carried out in the background.
    • Technical – Here we need to define the technical things which need to be implement to create the product.
    • Transition – Here we need to define the steps to create/ run a product.
  4. Recording all the requirements by specifying InScope, Out Of Scope, Dependencies, Risks and environment like OS Version, etc
  5. Get a Sign Off and proceed to the development stage.