What is Kanban?

  • Kanban is a japanese word. Kan means Visual and Ban means card.
  • Kanban is a workflow which enables us to optimize our project work flow.
  • It helps the team to work together and get it completed in more effective way.
  • Kanban is designed and created for Toyota car manufacturing process.

How it works & use?

  • Kanban is a method for managing continual project delivery.
  • It engage and allows the team to communicate more easily.
  • It clearly shows what needs to be done, when it will be completed and when we can plan for live.
  • Kanban is used to reduce the idle time of any production team.

Workflow of Kanban

  • There are 6 stages in Kanban workflow,
    1. ToDo
    2. Plan
    3. Develop
    4. Test
    5. Deploy
    6. Done
  • In Software development, the requirements are broken down into small stories and each stories are placed in a card.
  • Initially the stories will be in Todo.
  • Planning team will pick one or more stories and work on the planning stage. Later it will be moved to the Develop team then Test then Deploy and later it will be moved to Done.
  • At any point of time all the members in each stage will be engaged in a work and this will be a continuous process.
  • The goal of a Kanban system is to limit the amount of work in process so the work flowing through the system matches its capacity. In other words, a system can only handle so much traffic and still have that traffic move smoothly through the steps in the process.

Kanban Tools

There are lot of kanban tools that are available in the market but I personally felt the below tools are simple, easy to use and effective.

  1. Trello (https://trello.com)
  2. JIRA (Project Management & Kanban)
  3. Zoho Project (Consider this as a last option)