Good User Experience:

A good user experience is something which we can bring in our product by focusing on the below points,

  • Useful – It must be useful to accomplish something that user likes to do.
  • Easy to learn – It must be easy for the user to use and get this done.
  • Helpful – It must be helpful to accomplish things that user wants to do.
  • Accessible – It must be easily accessible.
  • Attractive – It must be pleasant and interactive.
  • Fun – It must be fun to interact with.
  • Connected – It must connect other people to create an interaction.
  • Satisfying – It must satisfy the user.

Bad User Experience:

Below are the points which we need to avoid while designing a product,

  • Stressful – User doesn’t know how to use it.
  • Confusing – User doesn’t know where to go and how to use the available features.
  • Ugly – User is able to work the functionalities but it looks odd or not pleasant enough.
  • Distracting – It forces the user to do something which they don’t like to do.
  • Inefficient – It takes too long for the user to do something.
  • Tedious – User entering the information again and again which frustrates the user.
  • Inconsiderate – It doesn’t allow the user to do in the way they want to do or force the user.