Scrum is a framework used to manage the Project Development in Agile Methodology. Below is the quick view on scrum and how it is been used,

  • Product Owner (Mostly Client) creates the list of task in Back log with Priority.
  • During Sprint Planning (Which occurs biweekly mostly), all the team members pick the tasks from the priority list and work for the next 2 weeks.
  • Scrum occurs on daily basis to check the progress of all the team members and to ensure that the tasks are completed within the specified sprint timeline.
  • Create a burnt down chart and track the progress on daily basis for more efficiency.
  • Scrum master does this job and keeps all the team members focused on their goals.
  • Once the Sprint is completed, a deliverable will be sent to client for review. If any tasks is not completed then it will be moved to the backlog again.
  • Atlast, the sprint ends with the Sprint review and retrospective meeting to improvise the next sprint productivity. And the next sprint begins.

What to do during Scrum meeting

To be simple, I used to ask the below 3 questions to all the team members individual and take the respective actions,

  • Yesterday – what task you have done
    1. Completed? – If yes, good.
    2. Not Completed? – Get the reason and take the necessary action based on the response.
  • Today – What you are planning for today
    1. Issues/ Clarification – Clear it then and there or maximum within an hour.
  • Dependencies – Do you have any dependency? If so, clear it within 2 hours from the scrum.

Tool which I used for Scrum: Xmind (