Business Analyst is the first person (Most cases) who interact with the client to gather the requirements. He/ She plays a vital role in converting client vision into reality. Also, they have a responsibility of setting up a right tone, gaining clients confidence, etc.. which creates a good impression from client end which in-turn need to be carried out by the rest of the members from other departments throughout the project life cycle.

Lets see what are the areas BA’s need to focus to win the client,

  • BA should understand the domain and must focus on providing solutions to the problem.
  • BA should act as a stakeholder of the project and provide consultation to the client during requirement gathering phase.
  • Interact, Debate and offer suggestions while defining the scope. Share your experience and help the client.
  • Never provide any false or incorrect information.
  • Create a value in what ever work you do.
  • Research and understand client background. And speak in understandable way as many clients dont know anything technical.
  • Ask questions and understand their needs/ problem before offering solutions.
  • Provide the right solution not the best one.

Is there any other areas where a Business Analyst need to focus? Share your comments.