Project Manager is the one who leads the project and has the full responsibility in completing the project within the committed deadline, covering the scope of work, ensure that project ends with better profit, providing the best user experience & quality and creating Impact & Experience to the end users. While doing this, there are lot of challenges a Project Manager will face and let’s see the Top 5 challenges in detail based on my experience.

05 – Resource Unavailability or Allocated in Multiple Projects

This is one of the most common issues that all small companies will face. The resource will be allocated in a new project and the same time, he/ she will be supporting in the last project which they have worked for final touches like minor corrections or bug fixing. This will affect the current project progress.

At certain instance, the resource will be allocated after a week or two after the project is kick started. In this case, the resource will be starting his work in delay.

04 – Communication Challenges

Project Manager is the one who will be passing on the message most of the time. To ensure that the message is been communicated and understood by all the parties (Stake holders) involved in the project is another challenge.

An effective project manager needs to know how to deliver instructions, so that they are clearly understood by the members. There is also a need to use a collaboration software to keep every stakeholders in loop to know the recent activities/ updates.

Ask questions or inform the team members to share the minutes of meeting to double check whether they have understood the updates properly or not.

03 – Team Handling

Below are few list of issues which might arise in any project,

  • Resource Skill set issue
  • Resource Attitude issue
  • Resource Demands Appraisal
  • Resource not understood the scope of work
  • Accountability issue
  • Poor Communication
  • Not keeping up the timeline during release
  • Bug produced is high and many more..

When the number of resources in a project is increased then the issues that might arise will also increase. A good project Manager will plan well, create check points, validate the check points and conduct the regular audits to avoid these issues at the last moment.

02 – Handling Obstacles and Last minute surprises

A good project manager will be tracking the Risks involved the projects, Issues that might arise and Dependency list from Day 1 till the end of the project.

Create a checklist/ checkpoints and set a deadline. Then ensure it is done within the mentioned timeline. Example of checklist can be DB Review, Design Review, Code Review, etc.

Conduct Daily stand up meeting and Weekly project review meeting to track the status update. Address the issues then and there to avoid last minute surprise.

01 – Scope Change

Scope change will occur in all the project as the client will be doing tweaks and changes throughout the project life cycle. This is something which cannot be stopped but a good Project Manager will handle it in a better way.

The biggest challenge comes when we handle the enterprise client where they require the changes to be completed without additional timeline/ cost or in a very short deadline.

Scope change normally affect the Profit of the project and also it will affect the project deliverable timeline, if it is not handled properly.