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Never give up!

Stop putting yourself down for what you did or who you are. Success is all about what you can do and who you can be.

Top 5 challenges of Project Manager

Project Manager is the one who leads the project and has the full responsibility in completing the project within the committed deadline, covering the scope of work, ensure that project ends with better profit, providing the best user experience &… Continue Reading →

Extra-Ordinary Leadership by Robin Sharma – Part I

Leadership begins with you! Think, Feel and Act as a leader. Focus on small activities or choices on a daily basis. Over the period of time, we can see a big results. Always stand for something higher and take responsibility…. Continue Reading →

Have you ever faced this?

One of the most important thing leave it to professionals, and rest Customer: How many days the project will take? Manufacturer: Estimation 4-6 weeks Customer: I have no time. We need this project in 2 weeks Manufacturer: OK. We will… Continue Reading →

Its good to be bored :)

Do you get new ideas or solutions for your problems while you watch tv or washing your clothes or doing something which makes you boredome? This is because as soon as your brain goes to autopilot mode it will start… Continue Reading →

Are you a Good Performer?

We all have been a good or better performer in our professional life. Here we are going to see few quality that most of the good performer generally follow. Let’s see what are those habits which they follow to achieve… Continue Reading →

Boss vs Leader!

How to avoid client disappointment?

Editor  [Siva]. Click the below link to read the article, How to avoid the client disappointment?

How to stay motivated?

In the jungle which animal is the: biggest …….. Elephant? tallest …….. Giraffe.? wisest …….. Fox? fastest …….. Cheetah ? Yet, the Lion is called the KING of the jungle even without ANY of these qualities.!! Why?? Because… The Lion… Continue Reading →

Trust your team!

A strong team can take any crazy vision and turn it into reality ~ John Carmack.

Who is a leader?

A leader is a one who mold is crew members as the best in the industry. A good leader will know when they need to back them up and when they not to back them up. A leader will always,… Continue Reading →

Want to stay healthy and fit?

If you ask any trainer, they will tell you that eating healthy food is the backbone of your training goals. Food is the fuel for your body to ensure that you reach your goals. Without proper nutrition foods, you are… Continue Reading →

Want to live a happy life?

My Journey so far in Hakunamatata..

Who am I? I hope you all know me very well. If not, I’m Shiva and I’m part of Business Analyst team. How I joined Hakunamatata? After a career changing decision, where I left Cogzidel Technologies back in Oct 2014,… Continue Reading →

5 Can’t-Miss Apps: Dropbox’s Carousel and More

#carousel is released!! Swaminathan Kasiviswanathan Anand Nataraj Sudharsana Rajalingam Tsr Deepak Rj  

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#carousel is released!! Swaminathan Kasiviswanathan Anand Nataraj Sudharsana Rajalingam Tsr Deepak Rj 5 Can’t-Miss Apps: Dropbox’s Carousel and More This week’s list of can’t-miss apps includes Dropbox’s new photo-organization app, …   This post is pressed by Chikoo

Your Mental Age – Must Read!!

Want to know your Mental age? Just 6 simple questions will let you know the answer for it.. Just click on the below link and take up the test.. Link: Answers will be shown immediately.. Mine is 16 🙂 Comments… Continue Reading →

This picture was captured before having a Ice tea today at Heritage Hotel – Madurai.

The below lessons where written by a 90 year Old person. I’m not sure about his name but worth to read!! 1. Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good. 2. When in doubt, just take the next small step. 3…. Continue Reading →

Recently Facebook has started acquiring the Indian Startup companies to Support and Strengthen their Mobile division. It seems they are focusing on producing useful and engaging mobile apps. They have couple of advantages of this move, one is that they… Continue Reading →

How to grow your Intelligence?

Being comfortable doesn’t grow your Intelligence; Stress and Pressure does ~ Robert Kiyosaki…

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