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What is difference between Sketch, Wireframe, Mock ups & Prototype?

Sketch/ Wireframe/ Mock ups/ Prototypes are used to bring the client vision or scope into reality. All these 4 steps are used to bring in more clarity in the scope, look and feel, usability, functionality, animations and much more before… Continue Reading →

Good UX vs Bad UX

Good User Experience: A good user experience is something which we can bring in our product by focusing on the below points, Useful – It must be useful to accomplish something that user likes to do. Easy to learn –… Continue Reading →

Kanban – Workflow and its usage

What is Kanban? Kanban is a japanese word. Kan means Visual and Ban means card. Kanban is a workflow which enables us to optimize our project work flow. It helps the team to work together and get it completed in… Continue Reading →

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